We are a proud distributor of SNOM phones. We believe these VoIP phones are the perfect balance between a classic business phone and progressive technology. Users like its intuitive design, administrators love its straightforward configuration and excellent stability, managers love the ROI they're getting on these phones.

SNOM 360: High End Business phone (list price 250 euro)
SNOM 320: Business Phone (list price 199 euro)
SNOM 190: Entry business phone (list price 228 euro)

These phones perform perfect in an Asterisk environment.

Next to hardware we have a range of software to get Asterisk closer to your business. We have solutions for callcenters, ISPs and SMBs:

  • Asterisk CTI, bring Asterisk to the desktop of your users, our software based phone, gives your users the ability to place and receive calls from your PBX, no matter where they are.
  • Asterisk Operator Panel, gives you a complete overview of all your VoIP users, and makes it possible to point-and-click to initiate, transfer or hangup calls. Your receptionist will be gratefull.
  • Asterisk Queue statistics, monitor your queues, and instantly see how good your call agents perform.
  • Asterisk outbound dialer, specifically targetted at outbound callcenters. Generate campaigns based on regions, target groups, customers, ... Manage different campaigns spread over several agents, with a very easy GUI, and a low maintenance cost.
  • Asterisk scaled-at-large. It's no problem to serve 500 endpoints with Asterisk, but scaling quickly gives you tons of troubles. We have a platform ready to go, cost effective from 5000 users and ready to scale you over 500,000 users.
  • Rating/Billing application for Asterisk, targetted at ISPs (high volume, highly customisable)
  • Rating/Billing application for Asterisk, targetted at SMBs, keep track of your costs.